Tooth Loss in Adults: How many Teeth do You Lose?

Tooth loss is a nightmare. How many teeth do you lose? We are not talking about baby teeth that naturally fall out and are replaced with adult teeth, but we are talking about at tooth loss in adult. Tooth loss in adults can be caused by trauma and disease. People who play sport like baseball, boxing, and the like, are likely to have trauma, for example because a severe blow to the face. It can damage the tooth thus leads to tooth loss. Trauma can also happen due to using teeth as a tool such as using teeth for cracking ice cubes or opening bottle. Besides, bad habits such as clenching and grinding the teeth can contribute to tooth loss.

How Many Teeth does the Average Person Lose in a Lifetime

The second main reason for adult tooth loss is disease. The main disease that can cause this problem is a gum disease called periodontal disease. You may not realize that you have this disease because the initial sign is not too serious. It is just a slight bleeding when brushing your teeth and many people think that it is normal and commonly happen. For your information, any bleeding condition is a sign that there is a problem. Bleeding gums is a serious sign of inflammation. In this condition, the gums will get red and swelling. If you don’t do something and just let it happens, it will eventually damage the tissues that hold the teeth. So, if you feel your gums bleeding especially followed by bad breath, contact your dentist. Probably you are in the initial stage of gum disease. Ignoring this stage can lead to more severe problem that ends up with tooth loss.

In the advance stage of gum disease, the signs will be more serious. Your gums will bleed more often, not only while brushing or flossing but can be anytime. You will see the tissue gets more swollen. Eventually the tooth becomes loose.

Actually gum disease can be prevented easily. The most important thing to do to avoid this disease is to keep the hygiene of your mouth and the whole body. In addition, go to a dentist at least once in six months to see whether there is a problem. Many people ignore regular checkups so they do not know the condition of their health. Some diseases are silent diseases which mean they do not have clear or specific symptoms. You may not know if you have gum diseases if you don’t visit a dentist. That is why regular checkup is crucial.

Gum disease is not the only disease that can cause tooth loss for adults. Systemic disease such as diabetes and cancer can also affect the health of the mouth. Meanwhile, there are other reasons that have nothing to do with any diseases but can cause tooth loss. The reasons are smoking, hormonal changes, alcohol consumption, and lack of nutrition. Talking about nutrition, you should pay attention on what to eat as it can influence the health of the mouth. Avoid foods with poor nutrition.