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Top Interview Questions and Answers About Dental Hygienist
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Top Interview Questions and Answers About Dental Hygienist

So your are going to Dental Hygiene College for an interview and require some help about everything you need to prepare yourself for and what questions may be asked. Here some greatest way to get ready for the Dental Hygienist interview. Lets to practice about 10 Dental Hygienist Interview Questions over.

1. What would you do if dentistry did not exist?

Best answer: I’d pursue a vocation somewhere in the medical area if dentistry did not exist. I was born to make folks smile and take good care of these, and I’d care for them in other ways by being a nurse or possibly a radiologist when I had not been in a position to take care of their teeth.

Second best: I ‘d, however, need to do something in the medical area affiliated with cosmetology if dentistry did not exist. I have always had a love and I ‘d likely be a cosmetic plastic surgeon.

dental hygienist interview

2. How would you describe your general academic performance?

Best answer: I’d say I’ve been successful at others things and some things I Have needed to attempt out things and work things.

Second best: I’m firmly focused on my education. With courses that were challenging, I studied more to get where I needed to be.


3. What if you’re not approved into Hygienist school?

Best answer: I might try again at another chance although I ‘d be saddened.

Second best: Afterward I’d try again and continue practicing as an assistant,  and getting the orthodontic module.


4. How did you handle your time and effort among work, school, and or other tasks?

Best answer: Happily, my parents are extremely supportive of me plus they let me make school my number one priority. They tell me to not work while I am in a school that I really like spending time together and so besides school, I’m constantly with my family.

Second best: I have a weekly schedule that I follow and this routine enables me the capability to finish all the jobs that I must achieve. There really are plenty of jobs having 3 kids and a husband.


5. Do you want to keep a customer, even though they had the worst hygiene possible?

Best answer: Yes. Of course

Second best: Yes, they’re the people who want instruction and the assistance the most.


6. What’s become the highlight of your academic years?

Best answer: I will think of a few extremely demanding semesters where I was taking many hard courses and working. In the beginning it looked like too much for me to manage but I worked hard, stayed focused, and took advantage of various resources such as educators and study groups and I was able to succeed in all my classes. It was hard work, but it paid off and was very rewarding.

Second best: I will have to say the highlight of my academic years was not being unable to work hands on with various patients and learn through doing so.


7. What would you do, in case you could do anything different in your schooling?

Best answer: I wish I would have started school before. I feel as though I’m a small bit behind in my own life plans as a result of returning to school after. But this also provides me with an advantage in understanding what I really desire to do and having work experience which provides me with more drive to reach my aims.

Second best: If not a dental hygienist than something for sure relating to a medical subject.


8. Describe the people you work with best.

Best answer: Someone that’s high work ethics like I do, someone that’s prepared to collaborate and lend a helping hand if needed.

Second best: I am friendly and outgoing and operate well and get together with pretty much everyone. I could be a leader or a follower if necessary. I like working with folks that are easy going.


9. What do you really think about truly being a hygienist, you’ll dislike the most?

Best answer: May have a nerve problem in hands, arms, and back in the future because of repetitive hand work.

Second best: Honestly, unable to command the cost of cleanings or the ability to financially work with low-income patients.


10. A patient has AIDS, can you still treat them?

Best answer: yes..not everyone’s truthful about their medical health so you treat everyone the same ie that includes those with AIDS

Second best: If a patient has AIDS I will still treat them as a hygienist because that’s part of my job description. I’m in no position to discriminate against anyone due to their condition or history. I might make it my responsibility to execute the job cautiously and attentive.

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