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Two Year Molars in Toddlers

Two year molars are the first and second molars that cut through when babies usually are between 12 months to two and a half years. These molars appear after their eight incisors have completely emerged. When toddlers are teething, they might experience some signs and symptoms. It does not mean that your baby becomes ill but teething is often painful and the pain can make her irritable and unhappy. You can tell that a tooth begins to emerge by looking at your baby’s check. Usually, the check gets red and feels hot. In addition, there are some other symptoms. Your baby might drool, bite, and suck very often, more than usual. She will also rub or pull on her ears. Some babies even have difficulty in sleeping due to the pain and discomfort they feel.

Compared to the previous teeth eruption (incisors and canines), first and second molars eruption is more painful as these teeth are bigger that makes them more difficult to push through. Your toddler may feel the pain for several days or before the molars actually appear. Some toddlers even get a mild fever under 38 degrees. A few of them have fewer with higher temperature. When this happens it is highly suggested to consult with a doctor. He will prescribe some medications to make the fever goes away and ease other symptoms as well.

Two Year Molars

In their age, toddlers often such their thumb. This habit will hurt their gum and make it more painful. Breastfeeding also contributes to making the gum hurt. They might not want to breastfeed or drink from a bottle. This is not good as they can get dehydrated. Always try to let your toddler suck but don’t for her. In order to avoid dehydration, offer her drinking from a glass or cup.

Seeing our toddlers hurt makes all parents sad especially when they refuse to eat. Fortunately, here are things parents do to ease the toddler’s teething pain. During teething, toddlers always want to bite something. Give something cold to your toddler to bite such as raw vegetables that has been chilled in a fridge. It will comfort her. Make a new diet plan for her. The painful gum might her lose appetite. Prepare smooth and cold meal like mashed mangoes, cream soup, and frozen bananas. Avoid using teething rings as they might cause a choking hazard. Besides, not all teething rings are made of quality materials. Some materials are prone to leak that can be harmful to your toddler. Or, rub your toddler gum with your finger but make sure your finger is clean.

If all of them fail to make your toddler better, it’s time to consult a doctor or a pharmacist. Generally, they will prescribe paracetamol or ibuprofen to reduce the inflammation and pain. In conclusion, teething always makes toddlers feel miserable and discomfort especially when it is molars that are about to emerge. However, it is normal to happen so parents should not be worried. This will pass soon. That’s all for Two year molars reviews.

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