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Understanding the Causes and Treatment of Receding Gums - Dental Health Care Guides
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Understanding the Causes and Treatment of Receding Gums

Having gums recession is definitely painful and scary. If you are suffered from this gum diseases, there is no need to worry because there are some effective treatment both naturally and medically to cure the disease. Receding gums can be mild or severe. No matter what the severity level is, if you have this problem, it is highly recommended to consult your dentist. The problem may begin with small symptoms that people often ignore but if it is untreated, it can develop into further implications. Understanding the cause, symptoms and treatment are important so you know well about your condition. Consulting your dentist is helpful because he or she will give you some overview of your oral health and he or she will also give the right treatment.

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Receding Gums Causes and Treatment

Gum recession is also called gingival recession. It is a condition when gum tissue around the teeth is recessed revealing the teeth roots. Improper life habits are said to be the most common cause that triggers gingival recession. There are other factors that contribute to the developing of the diseases and, of course, the treatment is based on the cause. One example of poor habit is overly aggressive brushing. Some people, perhaps because they are too enthusiastic about oral hygiene, brush their teeth very hard. It seems like they are scrubbing instead of brushing. This improper way of brushing hurt the gums instead of making the teeth clean and healthy. Knowing how to brush correctly is important because brushing properly is one of the keys to good oral health. Being gentle on your teeth can prevent the gums from getting injured so they won’t be recessed.

Genetics also plays a role. If there are family members who have gum recession, the risk for this disease will be higher. There is nothing you can do about diseases triggered by genetic factors but you do not need to worry as there is other receding gums treatment to heal the infection.

Gingival recession can also possibly occur in people with poor teeth alignment. This kind of abnormal tooth positioning may damage the gum that causes recession. Bruxism is another possible cause. It is a condition when your teeth are grinding typically during sleep. You may not know that you grind your teeth because it happens when you are sleeping but you can tell from your partner’s complaint. If you have bruxism, you will also feel a headache right after waking up.

As mentioned in the beginning, the best treatments for receding gums is to seek medical attention. For mild gum recession, usually, doctors won’t perform a professional treatment. They will just prescribe painkillers, anti-inflammatory pills, and maybe some supplements. In addition those medicines, they will also ask you to evaluate your brushing and flossing habits and recommend a soft toothbrush. For more severe case, your dentist will suggest you a gum specialist, called a periodontist to give the best treatment whether it is root planning, scaling, gum draft, or other treatment. The procedure of each treatment will be explained further by your periodontist.