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Understanding the Procedure of Underbite Surgery - Dental Health Care Guides
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Understanding the Procedure of Underbite Surgery

Underbite Jaw Surgery – There are some treatment options to correct an underbite but if the underbite is severe, it might require underbite surgery. An underbite occurs when the lower jaw is smaller so the upper and lower teeth don’t correctly meet. This condition causes pain and difficulty in chewing. That is why surgery is needed to correct the misalignment of the jaw. Before the surgery, a patient needs to wear braces for several months to a year. The length of brace treatment depends on how severe the condition is. Braces are used to align the teeth to get them ready for mandibular jaw bone movement to align with the top jaw. Small incisions are made from the inside of the mouth so visible scars on facial skin can be reduced.

overbrite treatment without surgery or braces understanding the procedure of underbite surgery

Underbite Jaw Surgery Procedure

Your oral surgeon will make a cut through your gum to make access to the jawbone. He then will make another cut on the jawbone to slide it forward. The oral surgeon will use metal plates and screws to hold the jawbone in desired positioned. Finally, the gums are sewed back in place with dissolvable sutures. As the stiches are dissolved on their owftreatn in about a week, your orthodontist does need to take out the suture after surgery.

After the surgery, when the effect of anesthesia is gone, you will feel pain thus pain medications are required for several days. You will see your lower face is swelling but this is normal. You’ll need to take off from work of schools so you can rest and heal. During the recovery, you need to take a liquid diet. Your diet might include yoghurt, smoothies, soup, and other foods that do not require chewing and opening the mouth too wide. It might be the hardest time. Not only can’t you eat anything you want but you need to avoid too much talking as well. Only have liquid diet for several days might make you feel hungry all the time and you are likely to lose weight too.

It takes time for the jaw back to heal and function normally. You might need physical therapy and rehabilitation during the healing process. It helps teach the jaw to open and close normally again. It might be painful sometimes, but you have to keep doing it little by little. Your orthodontist will give you small electrodes to give stimulus for nerve rejuvenation. This process is not painful. Depending on the severe level, the length of the jaw nerves to completely regenerate varies from several months to even years. Your jaw will operate normally even when some of the nerve function doesn’t return.

You should also consider the underbite correction surgery cost. You will have to spend around $30,000 (it can be lower or higher) depending on the clinic fee and orthodontist fee. Since it is not small amount of money, you need to discuss with the clinic’s administration staff about the payment to do the underbite correction surgery. Some clinics may have strict regulation about payment plan.