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Understanding the Stages of Oral Cancer through Mouth Cancer Pictures
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Understanding the Stages of Oral Cancer through Mouth Cancer Pictures

Mouth Cancer Pictures. In the United States, more than 30,000 people are diagnosed with mouth cancer every year. 5 percent of them die because of the disease and averagely around 60 percent of the sufferers survive more than five years. Just like other cancers, oral cancer signs are not easy to be detected early. It is merely because the early signs are often similar to those of other mouth health problems. If people never do regular check with a dentist, that is supposed to be once in six months, they won’t tell if they might be suffered from an early stage of mouth cancer. One of the ways to be familiar with the signs and symptoms is by using mouth cancer pictures. These pictures are available not only in dental clinics and hospitals but you can browse them online.

mouth cancer pictures

Cancer of Mouth Pictures

Mouth cancer Pictures show what the mouth looks like when there is cancer. They include the pictures of the face, lips, mucosa, gingiva, hard palate, palpation, and other places in the mouth where cancers are likely to develop. There are also pictures that give detail looks in every stage of the disease. It can help people early detect mouth cancer. Early detection is important because it saves lives. If a mouth cancer can be detected early, a timely treatment can be done and it prevents cancer from growing into the further stage. In means it also reduces deaths.

Although it is not always easy to feel and see the signs of early mouth cancer symptoms, early detection of the disease is possible. From the pictures of mouth cancer, you will see lesions and any tissue changes. This is one of the visible signs of oral cancer. It can be other diseases, tough. At least you know that there is something wrong happening and consulting with a dentist is necessary.

Lesions that might be the signs of mouth cancer fall in two categories; white and red lesions. The red ones are less common but they have a higher potential to develop into cancer. If you have either red or white lesion that does not heal in more than two weeks, it needs to be reevaluated. Your dentist will possibly suggest biopsy he suspects cancer. The presence of the lesion is not the only visible sign of oral cancer. Another sign that you can also see from mouth cancer pictures is lumps. In addition to those visible signs, there are other symptoms that probably not visible but you can feel them. These include soreness, ear pain, tongue numbness, and problems with swallowing, moving the jaw, and chewing.

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