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What Are Power Chain Braces

When you are about to wear braces, you might be given some options by your orthodontist. He might offer you to use power chain braces. Recently these chain braces are becoming quite popular and many people start to search information about them. The power chain braces have O-shaped chains made of elastic material that gives support to your teeth. Some orthodontist combines these chains with ligatures depending on the condition of the patients. You might be curious about the purpose of wearing the chain braces and why orthodontist suggests their patients wear the braces. Are they similar to regular braces?

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What are Power Chains for Braces Used For

Power chain for braces is usually worn by people whose teeth are removed or extracted. So if you plan for teeth removal, you can consider this option. The braces are used to alleviate the gap between teeth, giving them an extra force to make them close faster compared when using regular metal braces. Another question that might pop up is about how long one should wear the chains. Well, the treatment time is different among people. Every person needs a different specific time. It usually takes four to six month for the chains to help fill the gaps. It applies to a general case. However, it may need longer or shorter time as well. Therefore, you should consult your doctor regularly so he can see the progress by measuring the gaps. Sometimes patients just don’t realize the progress of the treatment.

The braces are available in a wide variety colors and structures. You can choose the color that you want but you cannot decide the structures or the shapes. Your dentist will choose the structures that fit your teeth. Just like when using other oral devices, it can be painful when the chains are first applied on the teeth. It is because the chain is forcing your teeth to get closer together so there will be no gaps. It normally takes one or three weeks until the pain is gone. Before that, you have to eat soft food to prevent further pain and irritation.

As the chain braces are available in many colors, they can help you look stylish although you are wearing braces. That is why these braces are preferred by young people. How much do they cost? This is probably another thing people would like to know about these chains. They do not cost too much but they typically cost a little bit more than ligatures. For the details, you can ask a local dental office because cost varies depending on the materials, area, additional services, etc.

Don’t worry about the pain as it will be gone after a few days and you can eat foods other than soft foods.  After the gap has been closed, your doctor will need to remove the chains. For your information, removing power chain braces is usually more painful than putting it into your mouth. Chain braces can get stained easily by coffee, curry, wine, and the like so you must clean your teeth after eating.