What Causes Canker Sores and Their Implications

What causes canker sores in mouth? – A clear consensus on things that cause canker sores has not been made by scientists including researchers and doctors. Although what causes canker sores are not precisely known yet, several factors are believed to be the factors that raise the likelihood of canker sores outbreaks.

What Causes a Canker Sore in Your Mouth

The most common factor is mouth injury. Gums, lips, and tongue are prone to injury. When you brush your teeth, for example, these parts of the mouth can be injured due to over-active brushing. Other things that can damage gum tissue are sharp teeth surface, the use of braces, and sports injury. You can minimize the occurrence of mouth injury by being careful when brushing your teeth. Most people think that brushing too hard can make the teeth cleaner than brushing gently. In fact, a proper way to brush teeth is not to brush very hard but gently in a circular way. In addition, use a toothbrush with soft bristles. When you are having a meal, be careful in chewing your foods especially if you wear a brace. Do not eat in a hurry because you may accidently bite your cheek. Some people also like to bite their lips. This bad habit must be stopped because it also triggers lips injury that leads to canker sores.

The second factor that trigger canker sores is foods sensitivity or allergy. Some people are allergic to particular foods. Several foods that may cause allergy are highly acidic foods, seafood, dairy products, and eggs. Doctors have concluded that eating foods that cause allergy can trigger the development of canker sores. It implies that people who are sensitive or allergic to certain foods should avoid them. Checking the ingredients of foods that are going to be eaten is important.


The third factor is improper diet. In order to be healthy, a person needs an adequate intake of vitamins and nutrition. To prevent canker sores, eating foods that contain vitamin B-12, folic acid, and iron is highly recommended. If you have canker sores that come and go, it is even a good idea to make a menu list for your diet. Spinach, cereal, yoghurt, corns, meat, and fish are a great source of iron. For folic acid, you can include asparagus, bananas, oranges, lettuce, and tomatoes in your daily menu. Meanwhile, vitamin B-12 can be found in most fish and meat. For the need of Zinc, eating salmons and beef is helpful. Eating these foods are not only good to prevent and treat mouth sores but also make the whole body healthy.

Another factor that increases the risk of canker sores is certain diseases like HIV/AIDS, Celiac disease, and Behcets diseases. If you are infected with those diseases, you will be more likely to get canker sores and the sores are usually difficult to control. What you need to do is to keep your body in a good health. The last common trigger of a canker sore is emotional stress. People who thinking too much about certain problems or work too hard have a higher risk to get canker sores than those who don’t.

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