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What Color Braces Should I Get and What Colors To Avoid
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What Color Braces Should I Get and What Colors To Avoid

At this time, you may think that you are planning to have braces for couple years ahead and you think that it is quite fun to have them. It is because right now you are possible to choose several colors. Then, your question stopped in what color braces should I get?

Of course, braces come with many parts such as the archway, the metal bands with o-ring at the back teeth, the brackets and the last is the elastics or bands from rubber.

It is also possible to choose ceramic braces and brackets to keep it low profile. Or, you can go with Invisalign to keep your dental treatment is invisible. Or, you go with these optios and you are not looking to add color.

what color braces should I get

Things That Will Give Braces The Colors

With the question in your mind about what color braces should I get, you also possible to get typical steel braces. The brackets and the wires can go silver. The tiny elastics or the bands allow you to colorize your mouth since the elastics will get changed if you visit the orthodontic for every 4 to 6 weeks. Even in each visit, you can switch colors!

Indeed, many orthodontists allow you to choose different elastics colors for each tooth and they provide you a color wheel. You can even try Happy Tooth, the online color selector to support those who want to apply braces by testing first about your look virtually, print it out and bring it for your next visit to get the same colors for your braces. People who don’t apply braces perhaps wonder why you put colors, but they don’t understand that wearing braces mean that you keep them there about 18 to 24 months and it is important to have some fun to express yourself, especially through colors.

What Color Braces Should I Get Or Avoid?

Red, blue, purple, pink, orange, green, yellow, black, gold, silver and gray are some colors that people opt for their braces. But, it is important to check your orthodontist in case that you have a plan to plot your colors.

Surely there is no official style guide yet especially for braces but there are some suggestions we can give to you when it comes to choosing braces colors. Keep in mind that the colors you go in an online selector tend to appear lighter on your teeth.

  1. Get a super look if you have darker skin tone by choosing turquoise, dark blue, gold, orange, green, pink or violet.
  2. Complete your style if you have lighter skin tone by choosing lighter blue, darker purples, blues, and subdued tones of pink or red as well as bronze.
  3. Remember that darker colors make your teeth whiter.
  4. Lighter colors make your teeth more yellow.
  5. Be sure that you choose colors to complement your eyes.
  6. Pick colors that match the color of clothing you often to wear.
  7. Choose colors of your favorite sports team or school colors.
  8. Show patriotism by choosing red, white and blue.
  9. For Easter, go with blue and pink or for Christmas, go with red and green.
  10. For Halloween, it is better to try glow-in-the-dark bands. The bands are still clear in light but in the dark, they will glow.

Well, you better avoid these colors:

  1. Black elastics will only make rotting teeth or food in teeth.
  2. White is good, but makes your teeth more yellowed. The white elastics also stain easily.
  3. If your enamel appears slightly yellow, using yellow elastics will intensify the effect.
  4. Choosing green or brown elastics may make people assume that it was food in your teeth.

If you confuse and don’t know about what color braces should I get, you can ask recommendations to your orthodontists based on natural enamel color in your teeth.


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