What Happen when Wisdom Teeth Growing In

Usually wisdom teeth start growing into the mouth between the late teens to early adults. Therefore the teeth are called wisdom teeth as people in these ages start to have wisdom. So, what are wisdom teeth? They are the last series of molars that erupt in your mouth. Adults have four wisdom teeth that complete the total numbers of teeth which should be 32. There might be several problems caused by wisdom teeth. The most common problem that people generally have is pain or discomfort in their gums, jaw, and other parts of the mouth during the process of wisdom teeth eruption. The pain normally happen due to the movement of the teeth through gum and bone. Before the teeth reach their final position, the pain won’t disappear unless you take pain reliever.

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Signs of Wisdom Teeth Growing In

When the wisdom teeth growing in the mouth, infection to the gums can occur. It happens when there is a partially broken tooth. In this condition, germs can develop around the crown of the tooth. The problem get worse because the infected area, which is at the very back of the mouth is very difficult to reach, so it cannot be cleaned. Moreover the area is swollen and very painful that people prefer not to do anything with it. Without being clean, the infection becomes larger and worse. Other possible problems are cyst formation, teeth decay, and crowding. All of the aforementioned problems require medical treatments and drugs.

As you will not always realize that something serious happen in your mouth, it is highly recommended to do regular dental checkups. Even when everything is normal, you should see a dentist at least once in six months, right? Do not forget to brush your teeth to keep the mouth and the teeth clean. However, if your gums are sore, brushing your teeth will only damage the gums. For this condition, using teething gel instead. In addition rinse your mild with chlorhexidine. Not only can it cleans unreachable area, it also heals mild infection. During the eruption process, avoid hard food and fruits such as apples, meat, and many more.

When the wisdom teeth are abnormally erupted, they need to be removed. The surgery will be performed by a dentist. The procedure of oral surgeon starts with local anesthesia. After the surgery, you have to deal with swelling and pain. These feelings are normal, though. In order to ease the pain and discomfort, the dentist will suggest some medication. During the recovery, you are also advised to take a rest at home. Do not forget to take antibiotics and pain relievers prescribed by your doctors. In addition, ice packs are also useful to ease the inflammation.

When you are prescribed drugs whether they are anti-inflammatory, antibiotics, or pain killers, you should read the prescribing information including the precaution part that explains how to safely take the drug including drug interaction. Some medications, for example, cannot be taken while drinking alcohol. Another important thing is to drink lots of water to prevent dehydration.

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