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What is an Abscess Tooth? - Dental Health Care Guides
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What is an Abscess Tooth?

There are many things that can irritate and hurt your mouth hurt. The irritation can get worse if bacteria enter and cause infection. When this happens, you are likely to have an abscess tooth. What is that? It is a condition when a painful swollen area filled with yellowish fluid from near the irritated tooth. The abscess prevents the bacterial infection from spreading by forming a barrier around the infection. Usually, it takes one to two days for an abscess to form.

Abscesses fall into two different types depending on the location of the infection. If it occurs between the tooth and gum, it’s called a periodontal abscess. It happens when bacteria develop between the gum and tooth after food gets trapped. For serious periodontal disease, bacteria can even develop in the bone and under the gum. The second type is a periapical abscess. It is also common to call this infection as a tooth-related abscess. It occurs inside the tooth, affecting the bone and the area surrounding. If you have an abscessed tooth whether it is a periodontal or periapical disease, you should seek treatment soon. If treatment is not taken, the infection can last longer even it might take for several years. In addition, treatment helps to reduce the pain that sometimes can be unbearable.

how to treat an abscess tooth what is an abscess tooth?

What To Do For an Abscessed Tooth

Actually, the pain can disappear when the abscess is drained through a fistula. However, the infection is still there and it needs treatment. If it is not treated, a cyst can form in the jaw bone, infecting the nerve. Because abscesses can lead to serious problems, you should do something about it. The very first thing you can do is to rinse your mouth with salt water solution. It helps to drain the pus out and reduce pressure. After that, call your dentist as soon as possible for an appointment.

Your dentist will do at least three things to heal abscess. First of all, he will clean the area thoroughly. Then, the trapped pus will be drawn out. The third step is to treat the infection. For cases where the infection starts inside a tooth, a small hole needs to be made to allow the abscess to drain. After that, root canal treatment needs to be done. Sometimes root extraction is needed if the tooth is seriously damaged or the abscess is very big.

Besides cleaning the infected area and draining the abscesses, your dentist will also prescribe some medicines like pain relievers and antibiotics. Painkillers will alleviate the pain while the antibiotics will kill the bacteria that cause the infection. Consult with your doctor about the dosage and precaution of the medicine. In addition to the prescribed pills, at home, you must pay attention to your oral hygiene. Do not skip brushing teeth just because you worry about the pain. Brush your teeth gently so you it will not hurt. It is also important to do mouth-washing in order to keep the mouth clean and fresh. You know, an abscess can cause strange taste and smell in your mouth. Washing your mouth will make you more comfortable.