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What is carbamide peroxide

What Is Carbamide Peroxide, The Use and How It Works – User Guide

What is carbamide peroxide? Perhaps is the biggest question in your mind since many Non Dentist teeth whitening provider started to provide the Hydrogen Peroxide brush for your treatment. So, the hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening is commonly used by dentist for chair-side and in-office treatment. They never use carbamide peroxide teeth whitening as the part of their in-office treatment, but they will provide patents several kits they can use at home along with carbamide gel.

When you take teeth whitened treatment, the thing that help your teeth white is hydrogen peroxide, even if you are using carbamide peroxide. It is important to know that the carbamide peroxide is from hydrogen peroxide. When the hydrogen peroxide molecule are mixed with a urea molecule, it will create carbamide peroxide.

What is carbamide peroxide

What Is Carbamide Peroxide And How It Works

After finding some facts about what is carbamide peroxide, it is also important for you to know how it works and how to use it. But, keep in mind that dentists have high concentration of hydrogen peroxide gel and they can whiten the teeth but with a concentration without using a gum protector. It is not true that dentists will use carbamide peroxide gel beucase it is not for in-office treatments. If you couldn’t believe this, simply call any dentists and ask about what they use to do light-activated in-office bleaching treatment.

If you want to whiten your teeth by using carbamide peroxide, of course it is a must to break down it into hydrogen peroxide. The thing that can be a problem for those who consider using carbamide in chair-side treatments are about 15 to 20 minutes and it takes about 15 minutes at last for the carbamide peroxide to break down into hydrogen peroxide and it takes more time if you want to make it completely break down. It means that you can only use it when it has broken down to hydrogen peroxide. In another word, if you want to apply carbamide peroxide for your teeth whitening treatment in 20 minutes, it means that you only have about 5 minutes of hydrogen peroxide, and this is a very little amount. Therefore, it is no surprise that most people who use carbamide peroxide are not satisfied with the end.

Let us bring you an example. Carbamide peroxide can give you about the same as using hydrogen peroxide in 15 minutes means that you have to spend about 40-minute of tray treatment. If you want to cut the time for about 15 or 20 minutes, we have no other suggestion instead of using hydrogen peroxide. It gives even at a concentration of 16%. This finding has been proved by Scientific Study at University of Florida when they compared the carbamide and hydrogen. They found that hydrogen provides much better result than carbamide. This finding is also verified by Consumer Guide to Dentistry.

The why most teeth whitening suppliers tend to use carbamide peroxide? Simply because it gives less gum irritation compared to the hydrogen peroxide. The carmabide peroxide wouldn’t cause gum irritation since it doesn’t turn to hydrogen peroxide until the end of the treatment but it also means that you get no results for the treatment. If you go with professional white system that has 16% hydrogen peroxide, you may only have to deal with little or even no gum irritation and still you get good results.



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