What is the Average Cost of Braces?

Cost often becomes the first concern for patients when their orthodontist recommends orthodontic treatment. Orthodontic treatments including those with braces are not cheap. You need to spend thousands of dollars for the treatment. That is why knowing how to manage the cost is crucial. The average cost for braces is $5000 to $7000. Traditional braces start from $5000. The traditional braces consist of bands and wires applied to the front of the teeth. The brackets can be made of metal, ceramic, and other materials. Many people prefer ceramic option because it is less visible. For this option, you should prepare extra money about $600. Note that cost varies from state to state or depending on where you live. Another option is invisible and removable braces like Invisalign aligners that cost roughly the same as traditional braces.

average cost of clear braces - damon clear braces what is the average cost of braces?

How Much do Braces Cost on Average

What mentioned above is just the average cost. Note that the question ‘How much are braces?’ is a subjective question. The detail of the price varies widely influenced by the duration of treatment, practitioner and clinic fee, type of hardware, etc. Be sure to always discuss the final cost with your orthodontist beforehand. Some patients said that they got unpleasant surprises in the end. Since the cost is not cheap, many people try to find ways to manage the cost. Payment plans and dental insurance are just a few options. Even, some local dental school may offer discounted rates.

Having health insurance can be very helpful. Learn the insurance very well as not all health insurances include coverage for brace treatment but they usually do. Depending on what insurance you have, the dental insurance can pay fully or just a portion of the treatment. Not only does it pay for the hardware and service, the insurance possibly also support some aftercare products such as dental wax or fluoride toothpaste that help maintain the healthy and beautiful teeth after the braces are removed. Based on some reports, averagely dental insurance cover 40 to 50 percent of the whole treatment.

There are a number of options for the payment. Some people find Flexible Savings Account (FSA) health insurance very helpful. With this option, FSA will cover the treatment from the funds transferred from your paycheck. If you do not have insurance, you still have a lot of financing methods. If cash payment is not possible, credit cards or personal loans can help. All of these non-insurance methods often offer discounts. Do not feel hesitate to ask directly to your orthodontist. For your information, many orthodontic offices often offer flexible payment plans for eligible patients. Even some of them offer interest-free payment plans.

It can be concluded that there are some helpful methods of financing to cover orthodontic treatment whether or not you have insurance. You will not know how these options can cover the cost efficiently unless you seek for information from your insurance provider and from your orthodontist. So, be pro-active. It’s worth looking at the numerous possible ways you can pay for braces treatment.

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