What to Know about Amber Teething Necklace

For many people, amber teething necklace is believed to be able to relieve pain and discomfort during babies’ teething. It is no wonder, therefore, if they suggest this idea to other moms. The increasing number of toy stores and baby shops selling this item is the evidence that teething necklace is still popular. A lot of parents even think that amber necklace for teething is a must-buying item. Is it really helpful to make babies feel better when they are suffering from teething syndrome? The answer is no. There is no studies or research, proves that amber necklace can be the solution to soothe babies’ pain. Even, it is not safe.


What is an Amber Teething Necklace

So, what are amber necklaces for teething babies? It is simply a necklace made of Baltic amber. The manufacturers claimed that the necklace has an analgesic effect because the beads contain succinic acid. The release of this substance is triggered by the heat of baby’s body while being worn. The analgesic effect can alleviate the pain caused by swollen, sore gums. It sounds that it makes sense but unfortunately it is just a myth. Even when it is true that succinic acid can work as natural pain reliever, there is no proof that Baltic amber necklace teething can actually produce oil that can kill the pain.

Perhaps, some parents already know that fact about the amber necklace. However, they keep buying the teething necklace because they think it is cute and babies will look cute wearing the necklace. In fact, wearing such necklaces for babies can be dangerous. There are some potential risks of wearing the necklaces. By wearing the necklaces, there are chances of the babies choking on the beads. This is likely to happen even though they are not designed for chewing. Another problem that might happen is the chances of strangulation risk. Due to the aforementioned risks, beaded necklaces are definitely not recommended for baby regardless the parents believe or not about the function of the necklace. Even babies are not recommended to wear any jewelry at all.

Instead of using amber necklace, there are some other worth trying alternatives that can alleviate sore gums pain. The first one is chewable toys which are commonly made of rubber, plastic, and other materials. They are available in many baby shops and toys stores in attractive designs that the babies will love. The second alternative is cold stuff. Not only will it ease the ache, it also helps ease inflammation. Those alternatives above are not only safe but they also cheap and easy to find.

You can also massage the baby’s gums gently using your knuckles. The massage is very helpful to relieve gums pain although it is just for temporary. Just be sure to wash your hands using antiseptic before doing the massage. In more severe cases, you can give medication prescribed by a doctor. The medicine is given when no methods above work. Be sure to give the baby the appropriate painkiller recommended by the doctor. Do not give any painkiller from drugstores without the doctor knowing. Some painkillers, usually in the form of gels and creams are not recommended for babies.

image: sweetbottomsbaby.com