When can We Start Smoking after Tooth Extraction

After tooth extraction, there are things you should do and should not. One of the forbidden things to do is smoking after tooth extraction.  Dentists will ask you not to smoke for a few first days. Of course, it will be much better to stop smoking forever. Stop smoking cigarettes for several days can be very frustrating especially for heavy smokers. It can lead to grouch effect. When quitting smoking is not the option, at least ones should be patient to wait until the extraction heals and it takes several days.

smoking weed after tooth extraction when can we start smoking after tooth extraction

Why No Smoking After Tooth Extraction

Why is smoking after dental surgery forbidden? Patients who smoke should understand that smoking after extraction can slow down the healing process as it creates negative pressure on the extraction site and eventually the pressure can dislodge the new clot, exposing the bone to the air. This called a dry socket and it can be extremely painful and even unbearable. When dry socket happens, it will take more time to heal. You might need to take some additional treatment which means spending more money. The worst thing is the risk of re-infection. It explains why you cannot smoke after tooth extraction. Hence, dentists should warn their patients about it.

Smoking is not the only thing that causes dry socket. There are other things like drinking the hot liquid, drinking from straws, eating hard food, vigorously brushing teeth, and much more. That is why besides prescribing some medication, dentists also ask their patients to do after-care treatment to be performed at home. The after-care treatment helps the tissue and cells regenerate and heal themselves. By following the dentist’s advice, including not to smoke after tooth removal, you can get better soon. On the other hand, ignoring the advice will slow down the recovery even cause dry socket and infection.

For those who do not frequently smoke, probably it is easy not to smoke for several days. However, it is really a challenge for smokers. Most of them will barely last the one day. So, how to resist cigarettes when you yourself is a smoker? Try to imagine the extreme pain you will get if you have dry socket. I tell you the pain caused by dry socket is more painful than a tooth extraction, wisdom tooth pain, and root canal. Imagine you have to deal with the pain longer if you keep smoking.

The longer you wait the better it is. After the socket completely heals, you can go back smoking. However, cigarettes contain chemicals that are carcinogenic. People who smoke develop a higher risk of having some dental problems. Smoking also has something to do with yellow teeth and dark lips. So, it is highly recommended no matter what to quit smoking. It is easier said than done, of course. But it does not mean there are no ways to quit smoking. For example, you can try some home remedies like grape juice, ginseng, and ginger. They are considered effective to get rid of cigarettes cravings. Most importantly you need to have willingness from your heart to quit.

image: vitalhealthinfo.com