Why do You Get Canker Sores? Here are the Top 5 Reasons

Canker sores especially the simple ones commonly happen to children and teenagers under 20 years old. However, the complex ones can happen to anyone at any age. Some people, including the sufferers still do not know clearly what causes this mouth disease. The question ‘What causes canker sores in the mouth?’ keeps popping up. That is why it is very important to know the causes of this disease so people will know how to prevent it. However, the precise and specific causes of canker sores are still debatable. At least, there are some common factors that are believed by most scientists to be the widespread causes of this dental problem.

stop-canker-sores-with-easy-care Why do You Get Canker Sores? Here are the Top 5 Reasons

Causes and prevention of Canker Sores

The most common factor is the lack of vitamin. For dental health, kids need an adequate amount of vitamin B-12. Actually, this vitamin can be found in some fruits and vegetables. However, not many kids love to eat them. Meanwhile, they really need a lot of vitamin B-12 as well as other vitamins to keep their body healthy. If children have this vitamin deficiency, they are more prone to canker sores. Taking enough vitamin B-12 can prevent this diseases. Even when someone is already suffered, the vitamin capsules are often prescribed by doctors as part of the treatment to fasten the healing process.

Beside vitamin deficiency, lack of nutrition becomes another major cause. Even when the nutritional deficiency is not the direct cause of canker sore, it definitely worsens the condition of the patient. That is why people with canker sores must improve their eating habits. Generally healthy eating is the key to healthy life. By eating healthily, the body will have sufficient substances like zinc, iron folic acid, calcium, etc. These substances are really important for your health, especially mouth health.

Third, canker sores can also be triggered by stress or injury in the mouth. For your information, the tissue inside the mouth can be easily injured due to rough brushing, harsh chemicals, and hard foods. Therefore, avoid oral products that can damage the tissue that leads to inflammation.

Fourth, some fruits and vegetables are said to be one of the factors that worsen canker sores. Highly acidic fruits like oranges, strawberries, and other citrus fruits are not recommended for canker sores sufferers. This information may be surprising as the aforementioned fruits are known as healthy fruits with a lot of vitamins.

Lastly, one of the common reasons is a poor immune system. Actually, it is difficult to explain how the immune system triggers canker sores. One thing for sure is the fact that people with a good immune system are not easy to be suffered from any diseases including canker sores. So, it can be concluded that there is a number of contributing factors that either trigger or worsen canker sores. After knowing those factors, it is hoped that people can find ways to prevent the disease, at least, eating more nutritional foods, consuming more vitamins, and performing proper dental hygiene. By doing these, the risk of having this disease will be smaller.

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